Fallen Leaves
Haiku Collection

(Part I)

We are thrilled to bring you Part I of a collection of 130 Haiku poems, a creation of 14 friends, a project run by One Kayak. Please visit this page for details about this fun project.

Here is a highlight: about three months ago, Manshu started this small Haiku project, and casually asked about 20 friends. 14 of them eventually joined her. They are all beginners in poetry, and are all non-English-native speakers (except two school children who are considered bilingual). Despite all the challenges and nuances, everyone tried their best to leverage a second language to share day-to-day observations from this small yet big and amazing life, while expressing some of their deepest feelings, ranging from great joy to immense sorrow. Personally, the process of such a collaborative and communal effort has its own power, fun and inspiration. It brought all of them together.


9/14 by SS

Endless summer winds

Winding roses are still pink

Pink hydrangeas pruned

9/17 by MQ

It was a great night

Wake up in drizzle morning


9/17 by JL


White big peach in box

Yellow small orange in bag

Bye-bye! Long workday

9/18 by MQ

(from camping site)

The rain gets heavier

Lie down, listen to raindrops

Completely relax

9/18 by YX


Yellow autumn leaves

Leave the dust in emptiness

Empty your worrying mind

9/18 by JL

I see summer breeze

Green leaves, blue sky and white cloud

What comes to my mind

9/18 by JL

An old man came first

A young girl jumped up and down

And many others

9/18 by JL


Why the self not come

Ah, cogito ergo sum

You know what I mean

9/19 by YX

Raining on the lake

Drops run after drops and drops

Grasshopper awaits rainbow

9/19 by SS

Wildfire in northland

Ocean wind toasts maple leaves

Dylan book of lyrics

9/20 by SS

Chairman on a chair

Spinning up keeps spinning fast

Home away from home

9/21 by JL 

Two worlds cut by doors

Chilly sluggish me inside

Come, come, said the sun 

9/21 by JL


I have what you need

Sunny happy energy

And a cake like moon

9/21 by JL

Your bonus tonight

Enjoy the nature my friend

In the hardest time

9/21 by MQ


It’s full moon tonight

We go for a full moon hike

Beautiful moon-rise

9/21 by SS

6am con-calls

Zooming through the entire day

Mid-fall never falls

9/22 by MQ

Four nights out of home

Camping site with wine tasting

What a pleasant trip

9/22 by SS

Sub-boomers opera

Atlantic tweets Pacific

Yellow nautilus

9/22 by JL

Mornings come and go

Evenings come and never leave

I am evening

9/23 by CL

Baby crying much

Sucking milk in mother’s arms

Both smiling again

9/24 by AX

My boy doesn’t wake up

It’s already time for his school

Alarm keeps ringing

9/21 by CZ

Sunshine on table

Such a wonderful morning

With the ones you love

9/24 by JZ


Moonlight shatters me

As torrential memories

Permeate my heart

9/21 by YX

(Haircut by my hubby)

New style with short hair

His stress from mediocrity

Mine is the grey hair

9/24 by YX


Cellular shuts down

Quietness is my luxury

Inner-outer peace

9/24 by SS

Sunrise on Hudson

Boys and girls boogie all night

The sound of ashes

9/24 by CL

Good morning coffee

Keeps me going every day

Wind or sun or rain

9/24 by JL

Virtual remote

distance you further away

I miss you so much

9/24 by MP

Kitchen windowsill

Tomatoes turn red yellow

Colors of the life

9/25 by MP

Toothaches all night long

Where does the problem belong

Night will soon be gone

9/25 by MQ

Back from camping trip

Face my fumigated house

So much work to do

9/25 by SS

Tip-toe with mask on

Crimson fever inside out

Until autumn falls

9/25 by AX


Wind starting to blow

Gopher hiding in the hole

Leaves keep falling down

9/26 by SS

Hide behind the drapes

Two calico cats inside, stare at

The black one outside

9/26 by GY


Oh, the orange light

The air is thick and smoky

It scares me daily

9/26 by MQ

Drove to testing site

Thought it’s drive-through COVID test

How come the set changed?

9/26 by XW

This is a nice day

I went outside for a walk

It’s full of sunshine

9/26 by YX

Coffee grinder comes

My new toy for addiction

Tea still No.1 choice

9/26 by CL

Ants on the table

Don’t know danger approaching

Run for your life, run!

9/27 by MQ

Fall breeze refreshing

Calligraphy practicing

My strings still waiting

9/27 by SS

Sunset through glass door

Breaks porcelain at its core


9/27 by ZZ

In the autumn night

Shadows of deer and baby

Impression of moon

9/27 by XW


Autumn is coming

Leaves turned into colors

The air gets so crisp

9/28 by MQ

Someone in the dark shadows

whispered to me “They are all over the place...”

Scared me a bit - here comes a deer!

9/29 by CL

(Financial Times)

Black words on pink sheets

Sheets fluttering with the wind

Wind takes thoughts away

9/28 by SS


Winter at doorstep

The squirrels collect acorns

Shout “Yo La Tengo”

9/28 by YX

Breeze through silver birch

Small town of gold ginkgo leaves

Full of city crowd

9/28 by JL

Silent the meeting

Turn off shining monitors

Gimme back my life

9/28 by XW

Books on my shelf

A way to look at the world

Reading enlightens

9/29 by XW

Wind, rain and lightning

A small ship sails on the sea

Oh, how dangerous!

9/29 by CL

(Eye Checkup)

In the hospital

Staring at the lines and dots

Are my eyes ok?

9/30 by SS

Freeze some ice cubes and

Run! Lock the sadness into

sub-zero darkness

10/1 by XW

This is a small park

Neighbors all come here and play

Busy and crowded

10/1 by CL


Sitting by the porch

Woman in black gown mumbles


10/2 by SS

Hydrangeas being trimmed

Endless speechless summer wind

Autumn sinks in ink

10/2 by XW

The clouds are heavy

and grey, it’s raining all day

At home, have to stay

10/2 by XW

Learning has much fun

It gives me new perspectives

I enjoy myself

10/3 by JL

Even worm knows to

Live a full life while it can

“Ghost won’t do after”

10/4 by XW

Good friends seldom meet

When will the restrictions end?

Blame the pandemic

10/3 by MQ


Life almost halfway

Upfront still a long journey

Look forward to it

10/3 by YX

Chasing in the wind

Flying with the dandelion

Seeds of hope awaits

10/4 by MQ

No time today for

my dear books, who mourn on shelf

I apologize!

10/6 by SS

Lie down on the floor

Listen - the knocks at the door

Let it come and go

10/6 by CL

(Squid Game)

So fake yet so real

456 flighting for life

Humanity rules

10/7 by XW

Oh my dear daughter

A wonderful day in life

Happy birthday