Fallen Leaves
Haiku Collection

(Part II)

We are excited to bring you Part II of a collection of 130 Haiku poems, a creation of 14 friends, a project run by One Kayak. Please visit this page for details about this fun project.

Here is a highlight: about four months ago, Manshu 蔓舒 started this Haiku project, and asked about 20 friends. 14 of them eventually joined her. They are all beginners in poetry, and are all non-English-native speakers (except two school children who are considered bilingual). Despite all the challenges and nuances, everyone tried their best to leverage a second language to share day-to-day observations from this small yet big and amazing life, while expressing some of their deepest feelings, ranging from great joy to immense sorrow. Personally, the process of such a collaborative and communal effort has its own power, fun and inspiration. It brought all of them together.

Golden Leaves

10/7 by SS

Eat birthday cake piece

by piece. Grow old as you sit

by me day by day

10/7 by CL

Bright and elegant

You are a dear to my heart

Feliz Cumpleanos

10/7 by YX


Bridal veil in white

Happiness covered with tears

New chapter, it is

10/8 by XW

Day by day passed by

We grow old year after year

It’s law of nature

10/9 by SS

Foggy hills Chilly Dew

The fifth autumn solar term

Winter at door step

10/9 by XW

Winter is coming

Weather changes - it’s getting cold

Have to dress warmly

10/9 by JL

Fast technology

Fast food fast delivery

Fast to heaven or?

10/10 by YX


Tattoo since teenage

Fading in the dawns of life

Script wasn’t written down

10/10 by XW

Everything in pan

Rice, vegetables and sauce

Now it’s clay pot time!

10/11 by SS

Breakfast of west coast

Toss in avocado toast

Orchards swipe forest

10/11 by XW

Sun, sand and cactus,

Ocean and an old captain

think of an old song

(same old song)

10/12 by XW

I got some fresh fruit

A box of love from a friend

Delicious apples

10/12 by YX

Paint a picture, while

Listen to “iridescent”

Indian-summer heat

10/13 by XW

Nobody knows who

was that charming young lady

Oh, Mona Lisa

10/14 by XW


The sun shone gaily

Sunlight poured into my room

Through crystal windows

10/14 by YX

Peace, love, on paper

How does mankind term, esti

-mated, in the end?

10/15 by SS

A flock of seagulls

Glide through skyline, effortless

angle of attack

10/15 by CL

Haze filling the air

Fogging hills and the city line

Wait for the sea breeze!

10/15 by XW

“Double Ninth Festival”

Older people climb up hills

Careful! Don’t fall!

10/16 by SS

Purple raw crystal

Corner office nested in trees

Look through double-panes

10/17 by YX

All-in while together

All-out while saying goodbye

Make peace with fate

10/17 by SS

A team of team players

March toward the highest peak

Such a lonely trip

10/18 by XW

Picture on the wall

A dragonfly hovers above

a lotus who buds

10/18 by YX

Still a week to go

Let the pink champagne bubble

So's my heart sparkle

(Can't wait!)

10/19 by SS

March to snowy peak

Friends and folks all-together

Such a weary trip

10/19 by SS

Paddle in whitewater

Friends and folks on the same boat

Such as lonely feel

10/19 by SS

Hike through forestry trail

Friends and folks hug in laughter

Such a starless night

10/19 by XW

I went to market

where they sell organic food

Indulged a lot

10/19 by YX

Puzzle of my half

Always search for the next piece

Almost fifty years

10/20 by SS

The moon casts moonlight

The mountain shapes mountain waves

I lost my own voice

10/20 by XW

Stay at home all day

I enjoy chat time with friends

And afternoon tea

10/20 by YX

Being asked once again

Where’s the happiness on earth?

Always somewhere, alw(ays)

10/21 by SS

White cliffs, waves go pink

The curtain is up? Or down?

Go ahead, wrap my heart

10/21 by XW

What a sunny day

We like to bask in the sun

on fake grass playground

10/21 by CL

Blame on the weather

For all things can’t be explained

This is how it works

10/23 by XW

My teeth hurts again

Treatment is a long process

Taking a pill first

10/24 by SS

Rainy winds whole night

Message from North Pacific

Time to sort out cashmere

10/24 by XW

Time flies like a bird

This year is ending again

You have a good day

10/24 by YX

“You can run, sweetheart.

Do not let anything stop you.”

“So do you, Chuan-Mom.”

10/25 by XW

This season, old times

We preserve all kinds of food

to survive winter

10/26 by XW

Outbreak here again

I got a boost vaccine shot

Fingers crossed for best

10/27 by XW

The Golden Gate Bridge

A world infamous red bridge

Flies over the bay

10/28 by GY & AX

Buildings, more buildings

Rabbit is trapped in the land

Nowhere else to go

10/28 by MQ

Every night, look

at my to-do’s. How to do

better the next day?

10/29 by XW

Enter the compound

Travel pass, health code and more

Have to show them all

10/29 by JZ

Shackled by turmoil

I imbibe the last vestige

of joy you bestow

10/29 by CL

Golden sunlight shines

through pink cotton candy clouds

A beautiful day!

10/30 by YH

The end of October

Crickets chirping, fading into silence

Last sip of summer

10/30 by YH

The silver lining of cloud

Shed by the glorious moon, never tired

Buried in the ever growing tide

10/30 by YH

A night in the autumn

Your name suddenly rises, from deep down

With a bottle of osmanthus wine

10/30 by CL

(Haiku Social)

What a sweet burden

strained but don't want to give up

a friendship precious

10/30 by XW

Today is weekend

Cleaned bathroom and kitchen

The dust swept away

11/1 by CL

(climate change)

Climate is warming

Polar melting, storms surging

blue planet's crying

11/1 by XW

Jujube, ginger

I drink it in the morning

Kind of healthy tea

11/1 by GY

Look at yellow trees

They liven up the forest

The leaves slowly fall

11/2 by SS

Nimbus clouds rising

Wake me up when October ends

Fire clouds fall from sky

11/3 by XW

Double eleven

Online shopping carnival

Everyone buying

11/4 by YX

Don't be somebody

Bounce, bounce, I write my story

Don't be Nobody

11/4 by JL

Hunger in stomach

Food can cure hunger in mind

Nothing can help more

(No one can help you)

11/4 by JL

Media creates

onlookers and loneliness

Who is real product?

11/4 by SS

(Practicing Calligraphy)

Thousands of Kan-Ji

Pour into zillions of bytes

Lost-and-found in time

11/5 by XW

It's time for winter

Weather is getting colder

Like everyday

11/5 by CL


Boy one, boy two, plus

a girl so cuddly and cute,

happiness explodes

11/6 by GY

Cars, cars and more cars

Longer waits in the traffic

Listening to honks

11/6 by CL

(lightness of being)

Blue sky and light breeze,

butterfly flutters above,

may it every stay.