Claire Zhu

Chair & Founder

Claire Zhu is the Chair and founder of the Asian American Artists Association. She has a keen passion for advocating for AAPI artists, and has participated in multiple contests for writing and poetry. A senior at Evergreen Valley High School, she hopes to pursue political science and humanities in the future.

Daphne Dao

Vice Chair

Daphne Dao is currently the Vice Chair of AAAA, and is a senior at Evergreen Valley High School. Outside of the organization, she leads a Robotics FTC team. She loves to draw concept art and enjoys playing the guitar.

Riya Prabhakar


Riya Prabhakar is a current senior at Evergreen Valley High School. In her free time she enjoys baking, going for nature walks, and spending time with her friends and family. Riya is a part of Girl Scouts and advocates for women's rights through Flourish Magazines.

Avishi Singh


Avishi Singh is a senior at Evergreen Valley High School. Academically, she is passionate about biomedical engineering, while outside of school she enjoys helping youth through teaching taekwondo.

Sophie Zhu

Honorary Director

Sophie Zhu is currently a student attending Duke University. She is a published writer of a novel, poem anthology, and children's picture book, and advocates for the incoming youth aspiring for arts in higher education. She studies economics and creative writing in college.

Stella Su

Honorary Director

Ms. Su is a successful businesswoman and knowledge expert at top strategy consulting and technology flrms. She founded the Eirya Foundation out of a passion for making reading materials available to children in their native language, and continues to promote culture and literature through her guidance for AAAA.