First Exhibit: Eat Bitterness (Chīkŭ) by Sophie Zhu

Check out our first exhibit featuring Sophie Zhu, called Eat Bitterness (Chīkŭ). You can find her work, including visual art and a series of poetry, on our gallery as the featured exhibit. Make sure to click into it to read more about the artist and her insight.

We were so excited to feature Sophie Zhu's artwork. Now a student at Duke University, she has been involved in art for a long time. Since she was a child, Sophie Zhu has been writing novels, to short stories, and poetry, and has even published some of her works. She is the winner of the 2019 California Coastal Poetry Award and the Runner-up of the Writer-the-World Fantasy Writing Competition. Her poems were published by Poetry Space's highly selective 2019 Quarterly Showcases twice. She is looking to chase a career of creative writing in the future. To learn more about her endeavors, check out her Amazon author page.

In her contribution to our gallery, Sophie Zhu expresses her feelings about the wave of AAPI hate through a creative form of visual art, accompanied by a set of three poems. Enjoy!

Here's a sneak peek: