'Who is in Control?'

Daphne Dao

In her painting titled 'Who is in Control', Daphne Dao portrays the turmoil of conflicting nations, political parties, and the struggle of the people. Her work shows the control of governmental regimes and those in power over the media, and how they silence anyone who exposes the truth. In a contrast of images and symbols reflecting the chaotic nature of society today, she ties in elements of corporate greed, militant forces, and the demanded conformity of other cultures with inspiration from Ray Bradbury's 1953 dystopian novel 'Fahrenheit 451.' The use of watercolors visually depicts the many layers that form society's constructs.

About Daphne Dao

Daphne Dao is a senior at Evergreen Valley High School. She enjoys many artistic mediums, including painting and digital art. Her passions extend to concept art and playing guitar, as well as leading a Robotics FTC team.